Human Resources

  Management of Human Resources, Academic Departments and Facilities
We have professional, dedicated and competitive teaching and non teaching staff so as to accomplish the goals of this organization. Moreover, we believe that the overall rendition of the organization entirely depends on the caliber and creativity of human resources, Considering this reality, CBRS comprises five academic departments viz English and Social Science Department, Mathematics Department, Science Department, Nepali Department and Computer and Information Department. These departments are composed of Head of Department (HOD), subjects Experts, Subjects Facilitators and other faculty members. There is constant interaction and sharing of ideas and experience among them pertaining to classroom teaching and learning.

Pedagogical Approach
Fundamentally, we apply student centered and pupil participatory approach of pedagogy. To empower the learners making them realize their inherent potentially is our prime objective. Moreover, eclectic methods, diverse techniques, situational strategies and context demanded tools of teaching are used considering the requirements and nature of subject matter, learners’ age and heir lean abilities and interest.

Presentation Classes
Research and presentation classes associated to the syllabus and topics are regularly organized in order to enhance he level of confidence and communicative skills in the learners, Such presentations are managed to expose the students’ innovative ideas and conclusions individually and in groups, The presenters are provided with valuable feedback and appreciative inquiry after their presentation.

Message from Principal

Welcome to Canvas Basanta Ritu School Canvas Basanta Ritu School was established in 1982 A.D. with a view to provide quality education in Nepalese society. It is ever devoted & dedicated in [Read More]

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