Promotional System

Promotional of students to next classes is based on cumulative assessment for the years; taking into account all the booster & terminal examinations, oral tests, projects, class work, homework and extra-curricular activities. The minimum benchmark for the promotion to upper class is 40.
Practical tests on subjects such like English, Nepali, Science and Computer Science are conducted prior to each terminal examination.

Report Cards
Students’ Progress Report Cards (SPRC) are distributed at the end of each round of Topic test and Terminal Examinations from the respective classrooms. Parents’/guardians’ presence is mandatory to collect the report cards of their wards.

CBRS has managed comfortable vehicles to commute the students daily from their home to school from different locations of Kathmandu city.

The school canteen caters hygienic and quality food to students, teacher, staff and visiting guests with standard menu on breakfast, snacks and main course food at reasonable prices.

Potable drinking water
CBRS always supplies RO filtered potable drinking water to all the students.

CBRS has a three bedded infirmary room with basic medical facilities and equipments under the supervision of medical person to provide First Aid facilities to the needy students. There is a full time nurse affable to cater the needs of the sick students.

We have capacious and well-endowed labs for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science with essential apparatus, equipments and instruments to cater the needs of the students.

CBRS provides a resourceful and updated library facility to strengthen teaching – learning process. It comprises a wide collection of books on science and technology, management, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals and multimedia and e-learning facilities.

Activity Hall , Conference Hall
We have a spacious hall for organizing various scholastic co-curricular activities on the top of the main building with more than 250 capacity. In this techno-equipped place, programmes like conference, interactions, presentation, competition, talk shows, workshops, seminars, PTSMs, groups events are held so as to boost up confidence level of students.

Message from Principal

Welcome to Canvas Basanta Ritu School Canvas Basanta Ritu School was established in 1982 A.D. with a view to provide quality education in Nepalese society. It is ever devoted & dedicated in [Read More]

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