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Canvas Basanta Ritu School is an educational institution which was established in 2039 B.S. by a versatile, enthusiast and a progress seeker person who aimed to cater best in quality and extraordinary education that can be affordable to the children from almost every background.

Welcome to the digital realm of Canvas Basanta Ritu School (CBRS)


A distinguished co-educational institution that stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Samakhusi, Kathmandu. Founded in 2039 B. S. by a visionary individual driven by versatility, enthusiasm, and professionalism, CBRS has been on a relentless journey towards nurturing young minds.

At CBRS, education is a holistic experience that begins from Nursery and extends up to Grade 10. Our Pre-primary section, equipped with all the necessary facilities of the modern world, welcomes even the youngest learners, offering a dedicated space for playgroup admission. CBRS provides an environment conducive to learning, free from the distractions of noise and pollution.  

We firmly believe that quality education, coupled with affordable accessibility, is the cornerstone of a thriving society. CBRS is dedicated to ensuring that every child receives the finest education, fostering an atmosphere of love, care, and quality service. 

Embedded in our school motto are the pillars of love, care, and quality service, reflecting our commitment to each student as a unique individual and an integral part of the broader human population. CBRS strives to mold well-balanced, enthusiastic, tolerant, independent, and socially aware individuals, instilling in them the right attitude towards societal and cultural phenomena. 

Discover the epitome of educational excellence at Canvas Basanta Ritu School, where each student’s journey is meticulously crafted for a future of boundless possibilities. 


At School we believe that students’ best learning comes from a friendly environment.


We believe firmly in politeness, responsibility, respect, courtesy and good manners.


Schule deliver a high quality learning environment.

Message from the principal


Dear Parents, Students, and Esteemed Members of the CBRS Community, 

As the Founder Principal of Canvas Basanta Ritu School (CBRS), it is both an honor and a challenge to address you. We, the entire committee and the team, are committed to achieving our goals and furthering the success of this prestigious educational institution. We recognize the challenges faced by community schools in providing quality education despite adequate physical infrastructure and qualified teachers.

During our tenure, we are dedicated to a radical transformation of the school’s physical infrastructure and academic standards. We will ensure teachers are aware and responsible, implementing a system of rewards and punishments to motivate and monitor their efforts. Teacher attendance and dedication will be closely monitored, providing constructive suggestions as needed. We encourage parents to invest in their children’s education through regular discussions and interactions. Child-friendly teaching methodologies will be adopted, and both teachers and parents will be held responsible for addressing each child’s success and problems. Our goal is to develop CBRS as an educational hub that develop responsible, educated and qualified citizens for the betterment of the nation and world as a whole.

CBRS strives to impart a sense of responsibility and leadership in our students. Immediate plans include constructing restrooms, managing drinkable water supply, building computer and science labs, and organizing reception and teachers’ rooms. Additionally, efforts will be made to address issues such as the replacement of desks and benches, providing educational materials, school uniforms, lunch, and extra classes to our students.

Best Regards, 

Bhim B. Malla

Founder Principal

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We are committed to maintaining an environment that supports inquiry and academic excellence, emotional and physical well-being, appreciation of the arts and diverse cultures, integrity and ethical behavior.